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Message from a Participant of the First ISS in 2001

We have received a wonderful message from one of the participants of the first ISS which was held in 2001! Congratulations!

---------------------- Message ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Congratulations for the commencement of The 20th International Student Summit on Food, Agriculture, and Environment by Tokyo University of Agriculture!

I participated in the first ISS held 20 years ago, as a member of the steering committee, a session chair, a presenter, and one of the editors of the English publication.

Looking back, there were a lot of hardships to endure and problems to solve. However,

when I thought about it in total, it was a lot of fun, and a very, very good learning experience. The knowledge and know-how I gained are still useful even now. Besides that, the opportunity to get connected with many people from all over the world was also very exciting. Do cherish the friendships you have made at the ISS, since they will be your lifetime treasures.

There is one more important thing.

The first ISS was organized in order to give young students to propose and express their dreams, ideas, and visions about global agriculture, food, and environment, freely. Free from the shackles of titles, positions, politics and religious ideologies, stereotypes, and prejudices, which sometimes bind older adults. Of course, however, as an academician, you will still have to anchor your dreams, ideas, and visions on actual scientific groundings, which knowledge you should obtain by studying and doing actual research.

As time goes by, some of these ideas were realized, and some are yet to be realized, and some will probably not be realized at all. However, I believe that such dreams, visions, and ideas have influenced some trends in the global society, and local societies in many countries including Japan.

Therefore, my wish is for you all to keep the tradition and philosophy, and to thus not hesitate presenting and declaring your colorful dreams and exciting visions of the future, the dreams and visions we adults have sometimes forgotten.

Davin H. E. Setiamarga, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Molecular Biology

National Institute of Technology (KOSEN), Wakayama College

Participant of the First and Second International Student Summit

A graduate of Tokyo University of Agriculture (BS, 2003)



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