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Group A (Agriculture) Presentations 

Group A Presentation: テキスト

"Biochar and Physical Properties
in Luvic Anthrosols"

Ivankova Alena Ivanovna

Advisor: Brikmans Anastasia Vladimirovna

Far Eastern Federal University, Soil Science department

Group A Presentation: 動画

"Strategies of Rural Agriculture Development
from Landscape Perspective:
A Case Study of Linxian, Shanxi Province"

Yuxin Hao

Advisor: Shiyang Zhang

Beijing Forestry University
School of Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architecture

Group A Presentation: 動画

"The sustainability of peat use in plant nurseries
in Peru"

Santiago Rosell

Advisor: Roberto Ugas

Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Peru
Department of Horticulture

Group A Presentation: 動画

"Productivity and Profitability of Mandarin Orange Production in Nepal"

Ritesh Kumar Jha

Advisor: Dr. Arjun Kumar Shrestha

Agriculture and Forestry University, Nepal

Group A Presentation: 動画
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