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ISS 2023

August 3, 5 and 6, at Setagaya Campus, Tokyo NODAI

Youth contribution toward global agricultural and environmental innovation in achieving sustainability focusing on food security and health.

ISS 2023 in numbers!

プログラム/ Programs

会場参加申込 (無料)/ To attend on site


No registration required

ISS Opening & Commemorative Symposium

 13:30 ~15:45 (JST), Aug. 3rd, Thursday

ISS Group Discussions ~Room A~

  9:00 ~ 17:10 (JST), Aug. 5th, Saturday

ISS Group Discussions ~Room B~

  9:00 ~ 17:10 (JST), Aug. 5th, Saturday

ISS General Discussion

 14:00 ~ 16:00 (JST), Aug. 6th, Sunday

Meet ISS 2023 Participants

representing 21 universities from 21 countries and regions

General Chairpersons

Group A ~Agriculture 1~

Group B ~Education~

Group C ~Agriculture 2~

Group D ~Environment~

Group E ~Food 1~

Group F ~Nutrition~

Group G ~Food 2~

Student Advisors

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