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Group L (Food) Presentations 

Group L Presentation: テキスト

"Competitiveness of Ukrainian agricultural products"

Alona Lebedko

Advisor: Tetyana Kuts

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

Group L Presentation: 動画

"Use of Bio-Fungicidal Extracts in Managing
Seed-Borne Fungi for Improved Maize Seed Germination in Morogoro, Tanzania"

Rehema Erasto

Supervisor: Dr. Kilasi Newton

Department of Crop Science and Horticulture, Sokoine University of Agriculture

Group L Presentation: 動画

"Effect of Different Processing Techniques
on the Biochemical Composition of Purple Tea
(Camellia sinensis var. kitamura)"

Joyline Cheptoo

Advisor: Prof. Nelson Kennedy Olang’o Ojijo

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, College of Agriculture and Natural
Resources, School of Food and Nutrition Sciences, Department of Food Science and Technology

Group L Presentation: 動画

"The Effect of Retail Promotions
on the Price Elasticity of Demand of Conventional and Organic Food Products"

Martijn Wals

Advisor: Dr. Rico Ihle

Agricultural Economics and Rural Policy Group, Wageningen University

Group L Presentation: 動画

"Tackling Food Waste
for a More Sustainable Food System"

Iqra Amin

Advisor: Dr. Joanne Davies

University of Reading, Department of International Development

Group L Presentation: 動画
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