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Group H (Nutrition) Presentations 

Group H Presentation: テキスト

"Bakery product development using stevioside"

Galstyan Mariam Vardanovna

Advisor: Bobchenko Victoria Ivanovna

Far Eastern Federal University, School of economics and management, Basic
department of bioeconomics and food security

Group H Presentation: 動画

"Contributing Sustainable Development goal for
Food System in Lao PDR."

Oulaiphone Ouankhamchanh

Advisor: Dr Phouvin Phousavanh

National University of Laos, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Computer

Group H Presentation: 動画

"Food and Dietary
Related Non-Communicable Diseases in Tanzania"

Jenipha B. Mayenga

Supervisor: Dr. Theresia Jumbe

Sokoine University of Agriculture
Department of Food Technology, Nutrition and Consumer Sciences

Group H Presentation: 動画

"Solar Dehydration Characteristics of Papaya
(Carica papaya)"

Maryiano Keziah Anyango Awino

Advisor: Prof. Nelson Kennedy Olang’o Ojijo

Department of Food Science and Technology, School of Food and Nutrition Sciences,
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

Group H Presentation: 動画
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