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What's ISS?

International  Students Summit  of  Food, Agriculture and Environment (ISS) is a student-led international conference where students of agricultural and natural sciences from around the world gather to discuss issues common to all humankind and what they can do as students. 
Since the first ISS in 2001, Tokyo NODAI, in collaboration with its partner universities, has continued to host the ISS as one of the most important annual events, with the exception of 2020, which had to be canceled due to COVID19.

Are you a past ISS participant?

We invite you to join this initiative by sharing your experiences, insights, and updates since your participation in ISS.  Your journey is a valuable resource that can inspire and connect fellow participants.

If you are a past ISS participant but not a network member yet, get registered!!  >>>> ISS Alumni Network 

-ISS Alumni Network- Community Rules

1. Membership Eligibility:

This community is exclusively for individuals who have participated in past ISSs as representative students, advisors and/or staff members.
2. Network Expansion:

Members are encouraged to invite individuals with a history of ISS participation who are not currently part of the network.
3. Privacy and Data Sharing:

Personal information shared within this network is restricted to network members only. Unauthorized sharing with external parties without explicit consent is strictly prohibited.
4. Code of Conduct:

Any behavior that includes harassment, defamation, or any actions causing inconvenience to others will not be tolerated. The community administrator reserves the right to remove individuals engaging in such activities from the community.

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