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ISS 2023 Participants Unite Online for Pre-Summit

The highly anticipated Pre-Summit of ISS 2023 brought together participants from around the globe on Saturday, June 10th, in a virtual gathering. This year's event boasts an impressive lineup of 30 presenters, representing 21 universities across 21 countries and regions. Additionally, 19 NODAI students have taken on the role of chairpersons for the summit.

During the Pre-Summit, the participants were introduced, marking the beginning of their collaborative journey. They wasted no time and immediately delved into team-building activities within their respective breakout sessions. These preliminary interactions set the foundation for fruitful discussions and fostered a sense of camaraderie among the participants.

Looking ahead with great anticipation, all the participants eagerly await the moment when they can finally convene in person. The physical gathering in August promises to be a catalyst for intense and impassioned discussions. The excitement surrounding the forthcoming meeting is palpable, as we eagerly await the opportunity to welcome and engage with these exceptional participants.

On the day of Pre-Summit, Tokyo NODAI members gathered together at "NODAI International Center" which will be the venue for the ISS 2023.

This is how we broadcasted the program!





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